Proclamation "Week of Kindness and Sole" March 13-19, 2011 view: PDF
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Proclamation "National Athletic Training Month" March, 2011 view: PDF
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Public Hearing on Redevelopment Plan for Real Estate Located at 620 West State Street (Five Points located along N Broadwell, N Eddy & W State) view: PDF
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#9290 - Consideration of Vacation of a Portion of a Utility Easement Located Between Sheridan Avenue & Orleans Drive, From 4th Street to 5th Street view: PDF
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#9291 - Consideration of Authorizing Series 2011 Public Safety Tax Anticipation Refunding Bonds view: PDF
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Approving Minutes of February 22, 2011 City Council Regular Meeting view: PDF
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Approving Minutes of March 1, 2011 City Council Study Session view: PDF
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#2011-49 - Approving Final Plat and Subdivision Agreement Golden Age Third Subdivision view: PDF
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#2011-50 - Approving Renewal of Golf Pro Contract with Don Kruse view: PDF
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#2011-51 - Approving Burlington Northern Santa Fe Crossing Permit for the 115 kV Transmission Line to St. Libory view: PDF
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#2011-52 - Approving Agreement for Marketing Services for WEC2 Energy between the City of Grand Island and the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) view: PDF
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#2011-53 - Approving Revised Laredo Ridge Power Sales Agreement view: PDF
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#2011-54 - Approving Bid Award - 115 kV Pole Inspection and Preservation Services view: PDF
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#2011-55 - Approving Bid Award for Hot-Mix Asphalt for 2011 view: PDF
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#2011-56 - Approving Bid Award for Concrete Ready-Mix for 2011 view: PDF
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#2011-57 - Approving Union Pacific Railroad Pipeline Crossing Agreement for Lift Station #7 Disaster Recovery Project Area (Grant Street to Arthur Street, between Oklahoma Avenue and Phoenix Avenue) view: PDF
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#2011-58 - Approving Agreement for City Hall Copier Maintenance and Supplies with Capital Business Systems Inc. view: PDF
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#2011-59 - Approving Recommendation of Vendor for Expert Service Provider for Information Technology view: PDF
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#2011-60 - Approving Redemption of Series 2006 Public Safety Tax Anticipation Bonds view: PDF
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#2011-61 - Approving Investment Advisory Agreement with Smith Hayes Advisers, Inc. view: PDF
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#2011-62 - Consideration of Approving Appointment of Public Works Director John Collins view: PDF
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#2011-63 - Consideration of Approving Redevelopment Plan for Real Estate Located at 620 West State Street (Five Points located along N Broadwell, N Eddy & W State) view: PDF
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#2011-64 - Consideration to Proceed with Closing the Union Pacific Railroad Crossing at Elm Street view: PDF
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Approving Payment of Claims for the Period of February 23, 2011 through March 8, 2011 view: PDF
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Discussion Concerning AFSCME, IAFF, FOP, IBEW (Utilities) (Finance) (WWTP) and (Service/Clerical) Union Negotiations view: PDF
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