Approval of Consent Agenda
Minutes - May 14, 2012 Council Meeting view: PDF
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Claims - May 23, 2012 Council Meeting view: PDF
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City Administrator Report
Ordinance No. 2012-1116 Amending Ordance No. 634 Section 2.2 view: PDF
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Consideration and approval of purchase of Beehive Agenda Management Software view: PDF
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Consideration and possible action regarding recommendation of Board of Public Works to not renew Energy Pioneer Solutions Contract view: PDF
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Approval and Authorization for replacement of Ice Machine in Municipal Auditorium Kitchen view: PDF
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Update on Insurance changes for Pool and Wayside Horns view: PDF
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Presentations / Requests / Action
Driveway and Sidewalk Contingencies for the Arrowhead Drive Curb and Gutter Project view: PDF
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Closed Session
Possible Litigation view: PDF
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