Public Participation
Public Participation view: PDF
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Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes of April 20, 2020 view: PDF
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Approval of Financial Reports view: PDF
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Approval of Bills Submitted - April 28, 2020 and May 12, 2020 view: PDF
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Consideration of Director's Report
Approval of Director's Report view: PDF
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Board Communications and Committee Reports
Board Communications and Committee Reports view: PDF
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Consideration of New Business
Approval of Revision to Reduced Library Hours for Anticipated Re-opening and Authorizing Library Director to Adjust Hours and Services as Needed Through Remainder of Fiscal Year view: PDF
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Approval of Suspension of Overdue Fines Until Further Notice view: PDF
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Approval of Designation of Ralph and Lorraine Laskowski Endowment Fund in City's 295 Fund for Children's Early Literacy Stations view: PDF
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Approval of Recommendations to Mayor Regarding Board Members' Expiring Terms view: PDF
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Consideration of Policies Currently in Committee view: PDF
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