Closed Session
Council may conduct a closed session for the purpose of developing strategy on the potential purchase of property for the purpose of developing a landfill site with the City of Gering. view: PDF
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Consent Calendar (Items in the consent calendar are proposed for adoption by one action for all items unless any member of the council requests that an item be considered separately)
Approve the minutes of the October 2, 2017 Regular Meeting. view: PDF
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Council to approve the appointment of Beth Merrigan to the Library Board. view: PDF
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Council to cancel the October 30, 2017 Council Meeting as two regular meetings will have been held in the Month of October. view: PDF
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Council to set a public hearing for November 6, 2017 at 6:05 p.m. to determine whether real estate described in this notice should be declared to be substandard and blighted, pursuant to the Nebraska Community Development Law. view: PDF
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Regular claims. view: PDF
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Reports from Staff, Boards & Commissions:
Council to consider amendments to the East Overland Renovation application guidelines. view: PDF
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Council to consider approval of the East Overland Renovation Grant applications; action to be taken on each individual application request. view: PDF
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Council to consider approval of the Master Activities Cooperation Agreement with the Young Men’s Christian Association of Scottsbluff and authorize the Mayor to execute the Agreement. view: PDF
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Council to consider a Maintenance Agreement with Copier Connection for the Development Services copy machine and authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement. view: PDF
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Council to consider the Tri-City Interlocal Stormwater Program Agreement for the Cities of Gering, Scottsbluff and Terrytown and authorize the Mayor to execute the agreement. view: PDF
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Public Hearings:
Council to conduct a public hearing as set for this date at 6:05 p.m. to consider and take action concerning the report of the LB840 Economic Development Program Citizen’s Advisory Committee. view: PDF
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Subdivisions & Public Improvements:
Council to consider a replat of an Agricultural Estate Dwelling Site located at 190439 County Road J situated Northwest of Scottsbluff close to the intersection of County Road J and West 42nd Street. view: PDF
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