Closed Session
Council reserves the right to enter into closed session if deemed necessary if the item is on the agenda. view: PDF
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Consent Calendar (Items in the consent calendar are proposed for adoption by one action for all items unless any member of the council requests that an item be considered separately)
Approve the minutes of the September 18, 2017 Regular Meeting. view: PDF
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Council to set a public hearing for October 16, 2017 at 6:05 p.m. to receive a report from the LB840 Citizen Review Committee. view: PDF
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Regular claims view: PDF
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Resolution & Ordinances:
Council to consider approval of the amended Parks and Recreation section of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. view: PDF
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Council to consider a Resolution regarding the application for federal assistance from the Land and Water Conservation Fund program for the purpose of building improvements at the 23 Club Baseball Field. view: PDF
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Reports from Staff, Boards & Commissions:
Staff to give a progress report on the downtown improvement projects. view: PDF
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Council to consider appointing Council Member Gonzales to the East Overland Steering Committee as a City Council Representative. view: PDF
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Council to consider approval of an Interlocal Agreement to provide Spanish/English language interpreter services to Bayard. view: PDF
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Council to consider the renewal of Lease Agreements with Telecom West, Inc. for their wireless antenna systems on the Airport and Cemetery Water Towers, and authorize the Mayor to sign the Agreements. view: PDF
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Petitions, Communications, Public Input:
Mayor to sign a Proclamation naming October as Manufacturing Month. view: PDF
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Council to remove from the table the Business Promotional Event Permit for Shots which was tabled at the September 18, 2017 Meeting. view: PDF
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Council to consider a Business Promotional Event Permit for Shots to hold a car show and Chili Cook-off on October 7, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 18th Street and Broadway, and the Downtown Plaza, to include street closure and a noise permit for music. view: PDF
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